BIRTHPLACE: Mexico City, Mexico

ARTIST STATEMENT: The shape, textures and colors in my artwork come from all the things that surround me. This could mean anything; for example, how shadows project onto different objects, how trees have so many different types of texture, or the way cracks traverse a cement sidewalk. I am fascinated by geometric forms in general. I add to that my vision and strive to express my feelings in my artwork.

I work in mixed media but often incorporate paper into my artwork. In my country, there is a tradition of papermaking called "amate" paper that originated with the Aztecs and which you can still find in local markets in small villages and in some museums. I started working with the amate paper from San Pablito, Puebla to create three-dimensional constructions. While I still sometimes use this paper in my artwork, I now also work with different kinds of paper from around the world. I also make my own paper in order to get unique textures and colors.

I add many layers in my work. I mix acrylics, glazes, ink, varnishes, wax and other materials to get the effects I want. While my paintings are mostly monochromatic, I seek to get colors that are deep and rich.

The opportunity to be in New York and experience the multicultural facets of this wonderful city has allowed me to explore a bigger world of art than I had known before. The more I see, the more the ideas come to me.